Global Bench Market for Clubs and Players

ScoutMe is highly advanced and unique application created to help clubs and players in creating a channel. Scout me is a product which assists the various clubs in their scouting process by using major sources developed to make the process more reliable. The application is a benchmark for both players and clubs.

  • Window to promote your profile.
  • A chance to interact and attract more clubs.
  • Been given a notification through our database of available positions in clubs
  • A chance to showcase their traits
  • Possibility of playing in a better league an been offered a better contract
  • A channel between clubs globally
  • Various contacts with club officials
  • Saving money spent on travelling
  • Opportunity to bring more contract to your clients
  • A tool which can be used in communicating with clubs (overcoming communication barriers).
  • Access to the advance database on contracts offered to players by clubs directly
  • Constant communication with clubs and clients
  • Updating their database and list of players been offered to clubs